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Gene editing may treat lethal lung diseases before birth

Since the lung is a barrier organ in direct contact with the outside environment, targeted delivery to correct defective genes is an attractive therapy. (Source: File Photo) Scientists have used a gene editing tool to thwart a lethal lung disease in animals in which a harmful mutation causes death within ...

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Obesity can impair learning, memory: Study

Obesity has more repurcussions that we know of. (Source: File Photo) Obesity can break down our protective blood brain barrier resulting in problems with learning and memory, a study has found. Chronic activation of the receptor Adora2a on the endothelial cells that line this important barrier in our brain can ...

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Dog owners more likely to meet weekly exercise goals

Want to keep dog as a pet? (Source: File Photo) Dog owners are estimated to be four times more likely than their peers to meet recommended physical activity guidelines, according to a study that highlights the role that dogs may have in helping to keep humans healthy.It is recommended that ...

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Nurtitious and tasty: Enjoy the goodness of superfoods with this Millet Beetroot Upma Cake recipe

Millet Beetroot Upma Cake is high on proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals. Raising a child might be easy but raising a picky eater is no child’s game. The biggest challenge is to bring maximum possible nutrients to the plate, with the smallest of portions. And this is where millet comes to ...

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Genetic isolation, endogamy cause of infertility in Indian men: CCMB

According to CCMB scientists, the study, conducted recently, highlights that genetic isolation and endogamy, which is widespread in Indian populations, can play a major role in introducing novel causal variations.  (Source: File Photo) Genetic isolation and endogamy, which is widespread among the Indian population, could be a major cause of ...

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World Earth Day 2019: Sustainable, smart, and biodegradable changes you can make to your lifestyle

World Earth Day: The theme this year is ‘protect our species’. (Source: File Photo) Every year, April 22 is observed as Earth Day. Propounded by US senator Gaylord Nelson, the day seeks to raise awareness regarding the sustenance provided by the ecosystems and the need to protect the planet. Celebrated ...

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World Earth Day 2019: Theme, history, and significance

World Earth Day 2019: The day serves as a reminder of the life the earth supports and the need to protect it. (Source: File photo) Celebrated since 1970, Earth Day is observed by people all over the world on April 22. As the name suggests, the day is dedicated to ...

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World Earth Day 2019: Meet the environmentalist behind the #SelfieWithPond campaign

Before and after photos of restoration of a pond in Suthiyana village, Greater Noida. (Designed by Gargi Singh) What started as a jal chapaul or people’s gathering to raise awareness on water conservation in Gautam Buddh Nagar’s Dadha Village in 2014, soon turned out to be a larger initiative for ...

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On World Earth Day, switch to eco-friendly skincare routine with these natural DIY masks

Related News World Earth Day 2019: Make sustainable choices for a better future. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock Images) Just think about the mind-boggling amount of soapsuds, shampoos and other chemicals that end up in our water bodies every day. From plastic containers to microbeads and harmful chemicals stirred into our masks, scrubs ...

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How I’m Healing the Vulnerable, Rejected Kid Inside Me

“In case no one told you today:
 You’re beautiful. You’re loved. You’re needed. You’re alive for a reason. 
You’re stronger than you think. You’re going to get through this. 
I’m glad you’re alive. Don’t give up.” ~Unknown I was fourteen years old and it was a holiday of firsts: my ...

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