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Facing Childhood Pain: How I Began Healing My Vulnerable Self

“In case no one told you today:
 You’re beautiful. You’re loved. You’re needed. You’re alive for a reason. 
You’re stronger than you think. You’re going to get through this. 
I’m glad you’re alive. Don’t give up.” ~Unknown I was fourteen years old and it was a holiday of firsts: my ...

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His Story Through Art | Lifestyle News, The Indian Express

MF Husain In 2010, when MF Husain was conferred Qatar nationality, the artist acknowledged it through a sketch that featured his trademark horse alongside words that expressed how he was “honoured”. Seven years after the modernist’s demise in 2011, the country is now celebrating his art through an exhibition that ...

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Empathy can change the world: Besharam’s author Priya-Alika Elias

Related News Author Priya-Alika Elias It’s a harsh word — Besharam — and yet so familiar. One can’t deny ever hearing the word hurled in their direction, especially if one is a young woman in India, with the gumption to speak her mind. It is also the title of Priya-Alika ...

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Awadhi Lamb Biryani or Scotch Eggs: Which recipe would you like to try?

Related News Are you a Biryani fan? Too tired of trying out the done and dusted recipes? Once in a while it is good to treat yourself to food that can brighten up your boring routine. Make way for aromatic recipes and focus on sheer indulgence this IPL season with ...

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It’s still a little naughty: Excelling on the pole takes more than brute strength and a high pain threshold

Svetlana Semenishcheva performs during the professional competition at the U.S. Pole Dance Championship in New York, April 13, 2019. (Nina Westervelt/The New York Times) On most weekdays, Cristi, 33, works in marketing for a fashion company, a regular 9-to-5 job. But on a recent Friday afternoon, she could be found ...

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5 interior design rules for your home this summer

If the room gets a lot of light, it’s best to avoid bright colours as they tend to fade faster. (Source: Pixabay) Summertime is the season to be bold and fun. It is one of the best times to make a few changes so that the summer sun brightens up ...

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You’re Still Here: When the rituals of spring take on many earthly forms, revolving around liberation and renewal

A little girl in a bunny outfit on Easter Sunday on Fifth Avenue in New York, April 6, 1969. (Patrick A. Burns/The New York Times) In the Northern Hemisphere, spring can be defined as the moment the sun glides across the celestial equator in late March. As we tilt toward ...

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Parents must keep track of their preschoolers’ screen time | more lifestyle

For parents, it is important to track the time their preschooler is spending in front of the screen. A new study found that screen time of more than two hours for kids below five years of age is linked with inattention. The study was published in the Journal ‘PLOS ONE’. ...

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Just like adults, children judge people based on facial features | more lifestyle

A research found that just like adults, children by the age of five, make character judgement and adjust their behaviour towards people based on the facial features. The study was published in Developmental Psychology. “For centuries, philosophers, scientists and people, in general, have recognised that facial features fundamentally shape how ...

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Notre Dame: A Calamity Threatening to Be Repeated Across France

Related News Notre Dame Cathedral was scarred by an extensive fire on April 15, 2019, that collapsed part of its delicate spire. As billionaires’ donations to rebuild the cathedral renewed anger over inequality, the “Yellow Vest” protests in their 23rd week drew 7,000 in the French capital. (Dmitry Kostyukov/The New ...

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