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Black Magic | Lifestyle News, The Indian Express

Related News Sridevi Balasubramanian. A spice so readily available on our dining tables now, black pepper was once a highly precious commodity, having attracted traders and invaders to India who came with the sole intention of taking back with them this “black gold”. Black pepper, the tiny, hard, nut-like berry, ...

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Health Benefits of Camel Pose – Ustrasana

USTRASANA – CAMEL POSE Camel Pose is the posture that most people experience intense bodily reactions such as fear/anxiety, dizziness or nausea. The Sanskrit name Ustrasana is a combination of ‘ustra’ (meaning Camel) and ‘asana’ (meaning Posture). The benefits of this posture are enormous and just being present and conscious ...

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Whip up the perfect winter dessert with these smart baking tips

Related News Use these tricks to bake the perfect dessert. (Source: File Photo) Winters call for warm and moist dessert recipes, and while most of us would like to whip up delicious sweet treats, baking can be a messy and time-consuming affair. Moreover, missing even one step in the recipe ...

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From herbs to eggs: Foods you should avoid putting in the freezer

Know what to put in your fridge. (Source: Instagram) From macarons and herbs to meat, people are resorting to freezing as a technique to preserve their food. While freezing is a good way to save your leftover meals from going waste and being tossed into the bin, not all foods ...

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A good night’s sleep can improve your body’s immune response: Study

Sleeping well can improve your immune system. (Source: File Photo) The importance of sleep for one’s mental and physical well-being has been highlighted by various studies time and again. However, a new study conducted recently has established a link between sleep and the body’s immune system. The study, conducted by ...

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Earth to Earth | Lifestyle News, The Indian Express

An artwork at the exhibition. The Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi has brought to Chandigarh “Farmer is a Wrestler”, an exhibition by Delhi-based artists Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra, which addresses the urgency of the agrarian crisis faced by farmers in India. Over the years, generational divisions of land, climate change, ...

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Gully Boy: A round-up of Ranveer Singh’s quirky looks

Which look of Ranveer Singh’s do you prefer? (Source: Ranveer Singh/Instagram) Ranveer Singh is known for his unconventional fashion style, and the actor went all out while promoting his latest film Gully Boy with Alia Bhatt. From donning quirky blazers to fur jackets – the actor wore it all and ...

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Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta’s wedding invite looks regal; watch video

The invite for the much-awaited wedding has taken the internet by storm. (Source: Designed by- Rajan Sharma) After the wedding of their daughter Isha, Mukesh Ambani and wife Nita are all set for the wedding of their eldest son Akash with his childhood sweetheart Shloka Mehta. And the invite for ...

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Immune stimulant molecule shown to prevent cancer: Study | fitness

Scientists say they have identified a molecule that stimulates the immune system and may protect against the development of multiple types of cancer. The recombinant protein molecule SA-4-1BBL has been used to enhance the therapeutic efficacy of cancer vaccines with success in pre-clinical animal models, said researchers from the University ...

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Chronic inflammation can lead to memory problems: Study

Psychological stress, nagging infection can also trigger chronic inflammation. (Source: File Photo) Acute inflammation, that results from injury and does not heal or is recurring, might lead to thinking problems, say experts. The report, which has been published in Neurology, further states that psychological stress and nagging infection can also trigger chronic ...

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