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Going Green: Mother Nature Runs Wild On China’s Emerald Isle

Houtouwan was once a thriving fishing community of sturdy brick homes clinging to the steep hills of the island of Shengshan. But it’s now abandoned, with entire houses completely overgrown as if shrink-wrapped in a lush layer of green. Abandoned village houses covered with overgrown vegetation in Houtouwan on Shengshan ...

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Christians want marriages recognized in Morocco

RABAT (Reuters) – Christian convert Loubna and her husband Kamal marry in a small ceremony in a meeting room of a human rights group in the Moroccan capital, ignoring threats from people in their conservative hometown in the north of the Muslim kingdom. Farah Tarneem and her husband Adam Rabti, ...

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Transforming a beverage into an experience | Kafe Kopi Luwak | coffee | Kochi | Panampilly Nagar | kopi luwak | Indonesia | civet | cat | poop | experience | Kerala | lifestyle

Coffee lovers―come one, come all! Kochi’s coffee fanatics can add to their list of favourite hangouts this charming little café, which serves the world’s most expensive coffee, kopi luwak. Priced at Rs 1,600 a cup, this coffee is sure to excite your taste buds. Located in Panampilly Nagar, Kochi, Kafe ...

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New antibiotic-resistant bacteria with triple threat found in US

By: IANS | New York | Published: June 11, 2018 12:47:37 pm Scientists find that antibiotic resistance is becoming increasingly alarming. (Source: Pixabay) Scientists have for the first time isolated an extremely virulent strain of Klebsiella pneumoniae (K pneumoniae) that is resistant to a class of highly effective antibiotic agents ...

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My desperate experiments with Ayurveda

If some are born with a silver spoon, it seems I was born with handkerchiefs in both my hands! Since birth, I had been a compulsive and a boisterous sneezer. Seemingly without any irritant, if I started sneezing there was no knowing, when it would stop. To my dismay and ...

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Loneliness Can Double The Risk Of Dying Early: New Study

The findings showed that loneliness was associated with a doubled mortality risk in women and nearly doubled risk in men. IANS Updated:June 11, 2018, 1:18 PM IST The mortality risk associated with social isolation and loneliness is as significant as the risk posed by obesity. (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ ...

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Syrian refugee launches luxury sneaker brand in France

LILLE, France (Reuters) – When Daniel Essa fled Syria in 2014, he faced an uncertain future as a refugee in France, where he knew few people and less French. Now he is selling his own brand of luxury sneakers to the wealthy of Paris and Hollywood. The 30-year-old studied fashion ...

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The Trippy Singhs: An intrepid traveller and his canine companions | vikram singh | the trippy singhs | web series | dogs | travel companions | scotty singh

Imagine you are travelling alone. Once the initial enthusiasm fades away, you look for reasons to stay back in your hotel room. You don’t venture out if the weather is not perfect. You binge watch Netflix or television and then wonder, “Is this what I came here for?” Solo travel ...

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Loneliness can double risk of dying early: Study

By: IANS | London | Published: June 11, 2018 12:47:40 pm A recent study finds loneliness leads to poor mental health, heart diseases and an early death. (Source: File Photo) Men and women who “feel lonely” are more likely to have worse mental health, heart disease conditions and die early ...

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What’s going wrong with our school system?

Of late, it has been observed that with technology being seen as the substitute for the teacher and externalities like designer uniforms; commission-based glossy textbooks and glamorous stationery; enhanced physical comforts in the classroom; market-aided competitions and talentism have led to social, psychic and academic marginalisation of the most students ...

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