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Here are a few red flags to watch out in your relationship | sex and relationships

If your partner invested in property, or took up a job without telling you, it is a definite deal-breaker.

Relationships always start out happy. We’re so soaked in the bliss of love that we decide to overlook early signs of discord and toxicity. The red flags are there and fluttering, but you choose to look past them. The result? You stick with the wrong person and waste time and ...

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In the time of dating apps, meet the ‘love gurus’ who claim to have all the answers | sex and relationships

Relationship coach Ashish Sehgal at his institute in Gurugram.

After dating Ankit Ahuja for six months, his first girlfriend dumped him. She preferred not to tell him why. A WhatsApp message that read “I don’t think it is working” was all he got. Ankit, 27, became a recluse. He wanted to start afresh but didn’t know how to. He ...

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Father photobombs daughter’s proposal in the funniest way. See viral pics | sex and relationships

Levi Bliss proposed to his girlfriend of two years, Allison Barron. Their pictures have been going viral for a hilarious reason.

In a scenic spot amid the mountains in Winnemucca, Nevada, a young man named Levi Bliss proposed to his girlfriend of two years, Allison Barron. She said yes immediately, and couldn’t help but tear up. Not for long. Barron soon noticed her father standing a distance away, holding up a ...

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Are you in a relationship with a manipulative person? Here are a few telltale signs | sex and relationships

Manipulators try to destroy your confidence by making you doubt yourself and making you self-conscious.

If you are in a relationship where you feel that you are being taken for a ride, chances are, your partner is manipulating you. Dealing with such a partner is tricky, because it’s often hard to detect this manipulation. Here, relationship experts Dr Anil Sethi and Shivani Misri Sadhoo give ...

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Here’s why it’s difficult to predict whether your relationship will last | sex and relationships

Researchers say that romantic interest rises at the same rate in both short-term and long-term relationships.

If there’s one thing difficult to predict, it’s human emotions and how people might behave in romantic relationships. Typically, when people get into new relationships, they spend days pondering if the person is ‘the one’ for them or just good for a casual fling. They look for signs which give ...

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The internet can’t get over this toddler who peed in his mom’s proposal video | sex and relationships

This Michigan toddle stole the limelight from mom’s proposal video like a boss.  (Kevin Przytula /Youtube)

A wedding proposal, no doubt, is often the most cherished moment in a couple’s life. So, when Kevin Przytula from Michigan, US, decided to pop the question to his girlfriend Alyssa Anter he wanted to keep it intimate and romantic. Przytula did not know he would be upstaged by Anter’s ...

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