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This Fast New Mountain Bike Makes Riding Downhill Way More Fun

What It Is: Yeti’s SB100 is a shorter travel bike for trail and enduro riders, and a cross-country, switch infinity suspension replacement for Yeti’s ASR. If you’re planning to compete in a marathon trail or an epic ride, this just might be the bike for you. Some cross-country bikes can ...

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28 Gift Ideas for Gym Rats

The fitness-obsessed, seven-days-a-week gym buff lives something of an aesthete’s life — needing little but water, sustenance, and, of course, noticeable gains. While you can’t (or wouldn’t want to) give someone any of these as a gift, you can offer gadgets, gear, and grooming supplies that will make the time spent in the gym ...

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5 Things You Need to Know About the Maserati Q4 Range

There’s no shortage of exciting new cars on the road, but a lot of them are so insanely expensive (and designed so extravagantly that they’re easy targets for theft, mockery, physical abuse, or all three), that they’re out of reach for the hardworking guy who wants something really, really nice ...

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Peloton's New $4,000 Treadmill Is Worth Every Penny

Peloton upended the spin-class landscape a few years ago when it built an at-home bike with a massive display that can tap directly into studio classes—both live and on demand—from your own home. Now it’s looking to do the same to group runs. The new Peloton Tread won’t replace all ...

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Test Drive: Lamborghini's New Aventador S Roadster

Lamborghini has launched some wicked V-12-powered wedges into the world, but the quickest, fastest, and most technologically advanced of the breed is always the latest—in this case, the freshly updated Aventador S. The new open-air Roadster model uses two removable carbon fiber roof sections to welcome the elements (and those ...

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43 Amazing Ways to Spend Your Tax Return

Face facts: No one’s going to buy you that killer new road bike. Or a $4,000 espresso maker, dream stereo system, or vintage guitar. Some gifts — especially the big-ticket items — are so special they need to be bought by yourself, for yourself. We polled the editors about gear on ...

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Get Ready to Rock (Climb) With This Gear

Climbing indoors, where all the elements are controlled, is a blast. But there’s a whole world waiting to be explored outside. In a gym, you’ll never encounter the scenery you find by scaling high up a granite wall, nor the challenging, unpredictable grips Mother Nature delivers. The best way to ...

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15 Gift Ideas for Weed Enthusiasts

As cannabis becomes a more publicly welcome staple of polite society, it can also be a source of newfound anxiety for the uninitiated and the undereducated. Like fashion, sports, and politics, there are complexities to be grappled with, choices to make, and faux pas to avoid. Having the right knowledge ...

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5 Things You Should Know About Tesla’s Autopilot Driving System

With the recent deadly crash of a Tesla Model X electric crossover in California, where a driver was found to have the car’s “Autopilot” system engaged when the vehicle hit a barrier, Tesla‘s semi-autonomous driving system has come under the microscope. But what is it, exactly, and do you want ...

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First Drive: The New 2019 Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini, Sant’Agata’s wild child carmaker known for its swoopy, scissor-doored V-12s, earned a different kind of notoriety when it announced it was entering the SUV market. The new Lamborghini Urus is without a doubt the brand’s most practical and well-rounded (and least visually shocking) creation ever. But don’t let its ...

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