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Five platforms to serve your nostalgia this summer!

New Delhi [India], June 23 (ANI): Summer vacations, that part of the year which takes us all back in time to the childhood days and leaves us wanting more. Nostalgia is in the air again, and we have reasons to tell you why! Listing down five platforms bringing something for ...

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7 Amazing Pairs of Headphones for Every Situation

Why stick with basic (and bad-sounding) white earbuds? Whether you’re streaming hi-res tracks from the cloud or spinning vinyl, you can elevate your listening experience with everything from affordable but sonically spacious replacement buds to handcrafted cans like these Klipsch Heritage HP-3 headphones ($1,199; klipsch.com). They’re pricey, but the 52mm ...

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Apple will fix flawed MacBook Pro keyboard for free

California [United States], June 23 (ANI): Apple has acknowledged that the keyboard on its redesigned MacBook Pro is flawed and now it is promising to fix it.The redesigned MacBook Pro was launched in 2016. However, users started complaining of keys popping up, stuck keys, and in some cases, the keys ...

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The Most Stylish Star Wars Merch You Can Buy Right Now

Not long ago in a galaxy very near here, the thought of seeing more Star Wars movies seems as improbable as being able to destroy the first Death Star. But since 2015’s release of The Force Awakens, it looks like Star Wars will be part of our pop culture vocabulary for ...

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You may soon have to pay for accessing a Facebook Group

California [United States], June 21 (ANI): If you love cooking groups on Facebook, you might have to shell out some money in order to continue engaging in those communities.Facebook is testing a new subscription feature that will allow group administrators to levy USD 4.99 to USD 29.99 a month for ...

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‘Star Wars’ Collectibles Grow Up

You don’t have to be obsessed with Star Wars to be a fan of its gear. Today’s collectibles are light-years cooler than anything you had as a kid, from stylish watches to high-tech toys and Death Star fire pits. So before you watch all the Star Wars movies for the millionth time, upgrade your gear with ...

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Microsoft drops idea of VR support on Xbox

Washington [United States], June 21 (ANI): If you had been waiting for a virtual reality (VR) enabled headset for the Xbox, the wait just became futile.Microsoft’s chief marketing officer of gaming Mike Nichols said in an interview that the company does not have any plans for Xbox in VR or ...

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The 3 Best Induction Cooktops on the Market

INDUCTION COOKTOPS—burners they rely on electromagnetic fields to efficiently heat up a steel or iron pan—have been around for years. But there’s a new twist: Through the use of smart tech like thermometers integrated into pans, ultraprecise temperature controls, and companion smartphone apps that walk you through a recipe, the ...

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Google redesigns account settings hub for easy navigation

California [United States], June 22 (ANI): In light of the major privacy scandals plaguing the internet, Google has decided to make it easier for users to tweak their privacy and security settings.The company has redesigned its Google Account Hub to make it easier for users to navigate to settings. The ...

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Facebook Messenger will automatically translate messages from your Spanish friend

California [United States], June 22 (ANI): You became friends on Facebook with a Spanish-speaking individual and now you have no idea where you are headed because you don’t know Spanish.Facebook Messenger’s M bot will pop up to automatically translate such messages between Spanish and English so there is less of ...

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