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Brian Krzanich steps down as Intel CEO

Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], June 21 (ANI): Intel Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Brian Krzanich on Thursday resigned after the company learned of a consensual relationship that he had with an employee.In lieu of Krzanich’s resignation, Intel’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Robert Swan will take over as the company’s interim CEO, reported ...

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Google introduces offline mode for Chrome on Android

New Delhi [India], June 21 (ANI): Contributing to the idea of Chrome for “everyone, everywhere,” tech giant Google announced the rollout of an offline mode for users on Android.“Today, we’re introducing another way for Chrome on Android users in India, along with more than 100 countries including Nigeria, Indonesia, and ...

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The 10 Best Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads

Trying to find Father’s Day gifts for the new dad can be tough. He might try to play his newfound fatigue off with goofy Instagram stories and praise of his partner, but if he’s doing it right the man is exhausted. His daily life now includes blessings like getting puked ...

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Fitbit Charge 2 review: Towards a healthier you

Fitness tracking wearables maker Fitbit recently launched its Charge 2 and Flex 2 fitness trackers in India. While the Flex 2 is priced at Rs 9,499, the more expensive Charge 2 bears a price tag of Rs 14,999. The new Fitbit Charge 2 has a heart-rate monitor, a feature previously ...

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Smartworks deploys robot Mitra at new Hyderabad center

New Delhi [India], June 21 (ANI): India’s largest provider of tailor-made, flexible workspace, Smartworks, has unveiled its new facility in Hyderabad’s Hitech City, taking its total footprint in India over 1 million sq. ft.Smartworks’ newest center is spread across 86,000 sq. ft., and has a seating capacity of 1700 seats. ...

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EY, Microsoft launch blockchain solution for Media & Entertainment industry

New Delhi [India], June 21 (ANI): With an aim to streamline the costly and time-consuming processes in entertainment rights and royalties, today, EY and Microsoft launched a blockchain network for content rights and royalties management.When fully operational, this EY and Microsoft blockchain network will encompass thousands of business partners and ...

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The 5 Best Active Commuting Bikes of 2018

Pedaling is the perfect way to improve your commute. You show up to work feeling invigorated. You get some exercise each day, which leads to a healthier body and clearer mind. The trip becomes a mini-adventure—something you’ll look forward to, instead of a motivation-sapping slog. Plus, more and more cities ...

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The Best Wireless Workout Headphones, Ranked

Headphones and earbuds are fine if you’re just plugging away at work or commuting there. But when you’re working out as hard as you can—sprinting as hard as you can, gritting through burpees and wall balls, or running Combine drills on the gridiron—cords complicate things. Sure, it’s great to have ...

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IBM builds AI that can debate with humans

New York [United States], June 19 (ANI): IBM has built a new AI-based system called Project Debater which, as the name suggests, can debate skillfully and present arguments without bias.During its demonstration, Project Debater engaged in a battle of words against human debaters Noa Ovadia and Dan Zafrir on topics ...

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This Weekend Is Packed With Some Awesome Deals on TVs

At this point, anyone who’s buying a new TV is probably going smart. With crystal-clear picture quality, multi-zone dimming for the best color and detail, voice-activated controls and thousands of streaming options, it’s no wonder Smart TVs have become the new standard in at-home entertainment. But not all of these high-tech screens ...

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