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Of boatrides, picnics and birdwatching

November is a happy time – it is about cool breezy days, weekend getaways and long drives to discover hidden spots. With‘Karthika Masam’ setting in and along with it a mood for picnics and travel, here’s a list of places you could head to. Nature up-close (Clockwise)Country boats made of ...

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India’s autorickshaw morphs into a vehicle for high adventure across South India. Notes from Kochi.

The Adventurists describe the autorickshaw as a seven horsepower cake tin. The UK group, along with Cool Earth, a charity, conducts daring Rickshaw Runs across the world in terrain that introduces participants to thrilling adventures and unseen locales. The cake tin does rather well in these challenges. With its sides ...

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Udaipur Tales, the international storytelling festival, brings together storytellers and performers from all over the world

Once upon a time — these are four familiar words that are filled with promise, leading into a world of fantasy and lore. We once settled in by the sides of our grandparents, or perhaps an indulgent aunt or uncle, to hear many a fantastic tale. It is increasingly rare ...

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Still waiting for an invite to the Deepika-Ranveer do? Hold on. The next destination wedding is just around the corner

Despite winter, Italy is having its moment in the sun. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma tied the knot there last December, and now, as we speak, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are in the process of becoming man and wife by charming Lake Como. Known for its pizza, tiramisu and ...

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20 blind individuals climb 4,850 ft mountain near Bangalore | travel

On Saturday, October 27, 20 blind individuals climbed Nandi Hills, a 4,850 ft mountain near Bangalore, with the help of a team of 20 additional sighted volunteers. In India, 64% of the disabled population is unemployed and 27% never receive any schooling. The blind trek symbolically serves to break the ...

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A tide in the affairs of men

When the salty waters rise, everything but the uppermost tree branch goes under. When they recede, even the lowest, gnarled root gets to soak in the sun. At Sundarbans, the tide turns many times each day. India is home to the lesser half of the mangroves; around 6,000 square kilometres ...

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Here’s why East Africa’s Rwanda should be on your bucket list | travel

We flew out to Rwanda, only to discover that it takes less time to get to the Rwandan capital Kigali than a drive from Mumbai to Ratnagiri. With a direct connection four times a week, more travellers are discovering the wonders of this tiny yet remarkable country in East Africa. ...

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Bhutan by road – The Hindu

Dancing festoons of prayer flags strung across mountains, grazing wild horses, gurgling streams, prayer wheels gently moving in the breeze, quaint bridges and villages out of a story book—the drive through Bhutan was a peep into another world, says Sumith David. The ‘wonderland’ Phuentsholing lay beyond a wall and a ...

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The hipster enclave in Brooklyn that you need to know about | travel

A twenty-minute cab ride across the Queensborough bridge from Manhattan, and I’m in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighbourhood, curious to see what the younger set is going on about. It’s October, fiercely cold and yet the brilliant sun feels like a billion-watt torchlight in my eyes. Rows of tall, handsome, terraced houses ...

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Secunderabad is rocking a new look with its new footpaths and well laid out roads

Next time you are in Secunderabad make sure to walk from where there used to be Anand Theatre upto St Ann’s High school. Until a few month back, these places were not fit for a safe or pleasant walk, nor even to wait for a bus, leave alone waiting there ...

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