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Cloud capers – The Hindu

Floating over the skies of Araku Valley, thrill seekers will soon get a unique bird’s-eye view of familiar sights. The picturesque Araku Valley will play host to the second edition of the International Hot Air Balloon Festival. Fifteen hot air balloons from 20 countries across the world will dot the ...

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Punch tantra – The Hindu

Sunday mornings in Goa are synonymous with hangovers, sleeping in or perhaps lazing by the beach. Ours, however, is a little different. The alarm rings at 6 am. Listless, we drag ourselves out of bed, and after a hurried breakfast, head for our Airbnb Experience of the day — Urban ...

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In Dublin’s fair city – The Hindu

I am on posh Grafton Street, kicking myself because I have not read James Joyce. He mentions this street in Dubliners as well as in Ulysses. Cafe Bewley’s is located somewhere around what was his favourite hangout; Samuel Beckett’s too. There is something thrilling about walking down streets that are ...

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Almhult, located in the beautiful Småland province, is the birthplace of modern taxonomy, and much later, Ikea

Almhult is snowbound for a good part of the year. But when the sun is out, the Swedes embrace the outdoors. They run, cycle around town, take a boat ride or invite friends for barbecue in their summer homes. In the Almhult countryside, where the roads snake through tall pine ...

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Secrets from the caverns – The Hindu

It is late afternoon. I am hungry, nursing a headache and contemplating the 400-odd steps I have to climb to explore a few caves. Sounds like an idea best abandoned. But I’m a lover of history and am egged on by an archaeologist who is ready to accompany and enlighten ...

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My bags are packed, I’m ready to go

Zadar has often been outshone by its popular siblings — the charming city of Dubrovnik and party animals Split and Hvar. But those who have visited the port city of Zadar, will vouch that this is where you get gorgeous sunsets. Alfred Hitchcock was amazed by them. At the promenade, ...

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Unearth jewels from a treasury

Nature can be baffling, and how! In Loktak lake, you can stand on a piece of land that floats on water. Go boating in the largest freshwater lake in the Northeast and you will come across several floating swamps which are heterogeneous masses of vegetation, soil and organic matter. In ...

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The lure of luxe – The Hindu

  Indians are travelling abroad like never before. According to the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), India will account for a record 50 million outbound tourists in 2020, a 100% jump from the current 25 million. Indians are also not shying away from spending on and demanding better services in ...

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Exploring Kerala’s shoreline – The Hindu

When two youngsters from the city gushed about their trip to Italy for a coastline walk, architect Liza Natarajan was not impressed. Instead, the city-based Liza told them about her coastline walk that had taken her from the lighthouse in Vypeen island in Kochi to the lighthouse in Chettuva, near ...

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At Ras Al Jinz in Oman relentless conservation efforts are saving turtles in the hundreds

The hatchling swiftly makes his way to the Arabian Sea with determination and the agile movement of his tiny flippers. He embraces the foamy waves and swims away to begin a new life. He is one of the many baby green sea turtles born on Ras Al Jinz beach in ...

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