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KitKarma is the AirBnB for photography equipment

Delhi-based architecture photographer, Niveditaa Gupta, was on holiday in Bengaluru, when she got an impromptu assignment. While searching for reliable gear in a pinch, a friend suggested online portal KitKarma (KK). “Through their site, I was able to ask for equipment (including a special tilt shift lens), and procure it ...

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Colonel Ranveer Singh Jamwal shares his love for mountaineering

As summer sets in over the Northern Hemisphere and Everest’s raw and challenging landscape seems at its most benign, nearly 800 climbers will attempt to conquer it; the cost is exorbitant (nearly $45,000) but it has helped Nepal’s economy breathe. Ever since Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay first ...

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Silk Route in Xinjiang before modernity arrived

I climb silently, almost breathless, the rubble crunching under my feet; behind me is a trail of weary climbers, eager to get to the top. I turn a bend and a colossal stone arch comes into view — Tushuk Tash; literally, the mountain with a hole in the local Uyghur ...

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From darkness to light at Japan’s Kiyomizu-dera

The darkness was absolute. Not the kind that eyes get accustomed to. I blinked repeatedly to get my bearings. Gripping the beaded rope that ran along the wall, I proceeded slowly, barefoot, on the cold stone floor. My husband and I had followed a small group of people down a ...

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Dancing in snowclad Engelberg – The Hindu

Snowfall, we fall too Landing on your bottom is only half the fun here. During the winter months from December to March, rent out colourful sledges and head to the travelator that transports you to the top of the slope at Brunni. Then, place your sledge on the powdery snow, ...

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Growing number of Indians are taking holiday loans to satisfy their wanderlust

Sai Swaroop, 28, a supply chain management professional in Chennai and father of two, is on a long-dreamt-of solo Europe trip, with a 23-day spin to France, Switzerland, Croatia, Hungary, the Netherlands… Helping him with the financial logistics of a budget trip is a ₹1.5 lakh loan from IDFC. Swaroop ...

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At the Dooars, scenic views are just short of heaven

The elephant moves like a rumbling boulder through sal-forested Sukna, the gateway to the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. A military truck drives through the jungle road. If you are lucky, you can get a glimpse of the heritage Darjeeling Himalayan Railway stop to catch its breath before its ascent to Ghoom, ...

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This village is known for its Instagrammable sunflower fields

Sundarapandiapuram has been on my list of must-see places ever since I saw a travelogue featuring this rustic village with its fields of sunflowers, a much-photographed sight. While it isn’t exactly, a hop, skip and jump from the city, the drive out to Sundarapandiapuram is well worth it for these ...

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A walk through New Mexico’s art galleries

I have set out many times in search of beautiful landscapes, original inhabitants who walked that land, their cultural pursuits, the art they created, houses they lived in, their customs, costumes, almost everything in which they revealed themselves. Curating my thoughts became a struggle at the Nedra Matteucci Galleries, situated ...

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Seven summits are not enough

“There are two different lists of the highest summit in each continent, because of confusion about the height of one of the peaks. In total, they list about eight summits. So I went and climbed all of them, just to be safe,” says Satyarup Siddhanta, part of the elite ‘seven-summiteer’ ...

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