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A record number of migratory birds have arrived in Nalabana this year

As the sun rises over Nalabana in Odisha, dozens of bar-headed geese, greater flamingos, black-tailed godwits and northern pintails shuffle about on the edge of the shore, the wind caressing their feathers. The birds silently feed, sticking their long bills into the soft earth to dig up crabs and fish. ...

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Trip to Faroe Islands – The Hindu

With a population of around 50,000, the people of Faroe Islands are probably outnumbered by chubby sheep and adorable puffins. The only traffic jam you’ll encounter here is one caused by languid lambs strolling across the roads. The locals are used to that and travellers seize this opportunity to click ...

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Marie Kondo fallout: Tidying up with Aunty Abida | travel

“Have you heard of Marie Kondo?” I asked my aunt, Abida. She hadn’t. I explained that Marie Kondo was a Japanese woman who had written a bestselling book, and gained a Netflix series, all based on how to declutter your home, life and closet. “Hrrumph,” Aunt Abida snorted. “What’s so ...

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Discover South Korea’s food and culture in this travelogue around Seoul | travel

In all probability, you wouldn’t have considered South Korea as a tourist destination, even a few years ago. Nestled between China, North Korea and Japan, this is a country often overlooked by travellers. But this tiny peninsula has a lot more to offer, than just their world-famous cosmetics and a ...

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Meet ‘Vyasarpadi’ Muniammal, one of Chennai’s few women gaana singers

‘Vyasarpadi’ Muniammal sings about her dead husband in a deep voice. “Nee irandha podhum unai marakka mudiyuma… (How can I forget you once you’re gone?)” She emphasises each word, sounding matter-of-fact and pained at the same time. Listening to her is like eavesdropping on a conversation she’s having with her ...

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‘Museums are more necessary than ever’

At a time when museums world over are believed to be battling low footfalls, Nicholas Coleridge says, we need them more than ever. Coleridge, who was appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2009, will be in India as one of the speakers at the two-day ...

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Tales from a mystic river

11.20 am: Devotees, tourists and locals sitting on the ghats of the Tungabhadra 11.24 am: Women laying out their saris to dry under the scorching sun Noon: A trinket seller selling organising her wares on the ghat 12.30 pm: A makeshift shop selling coconuts and and offering much needed shade ...

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For the good of gibbons

Wild adventures A treehouse and ziplining enthusiasts in action   The whining sound of metal screeching over metal is both exhilarating, and a trifle scary. The feeling you get when hanging by a wire, at around 1000 feet above the ground, and rushing onward at a high speed is not ...

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Astro tourism is right up your alley if you love stargazing, chasing meteor showers or soaking in the sights of an illuminated night sky

“The South American eclipse (scheduled to happen in July 2019) has generated so much interest that hotels and transportation services were booked by September 2018,” says Nic DiPalma, founder/CEO of SpacetimeLabs (a creative agency for science) and co-founder of US-based AstroTours, a science-travel company. “The tourism industry in the region ...

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This Indian woman is the youngest to cycle around the world

Vedangi Kulkarni is 20, the youngest woman to bicycle around the world, and the fastest Asian to do it. In a journey across 15 countries, 29,000 km and 159 days, she says she is now in post-expedition mode, where the physical and mental intensity are slowly registering. “Now that it’s ...

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