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Should You Take a Group Tour in Egypt? Reviewing My Experience with Travel Talk Tours • Alex in Wanderland

Talk about leaving things to the last minute: literally, I landed in Egypt unsure if I was going to take a group tour or not. I had three nights booked at a lush apartment in Cairo, and after that I had a week in which I’d planned to either hop ...

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Timeless era- The New Indian Express

Express News Service It has rained the night before. The smell of wet earth rises above the ground, mingling with the light breeze. The village is a splash of colour, painted walls of houses and tiny shops with garish boards in front advertising their wares. Animals and humans mingle with ...

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Planning to go for a trek to Himalayas? Here’s what you need to carry

Here’s a checklist of essentials that you must carry for a Himalayan trek Mount Everest. Pic courtesy/YouTube Trekking is a mix of adventure, delight and self-fulfillment. The high-altitude treks offer a thrill-packed action – an experience that should not be missed at any cost. The mighty Himalayas are the cure ...

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Cathedrals of Culture- The New Indian Express

Express News Service While most of the humanity heading to Goa is making a bee-line for the beaches and the hypnotising electric atmosphere that surrounds them, it might seem counter-intuitive to head the other direction. And yet, heading east from Panaji into the hinterland and leaving the crowds behind can ...

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Tips to travel light yet stylish this summer

With expandable storage space, light weight and waterproof features, you can easily find a perfect fit to befit your travel needs Duffel bag. Pic/Amazon fashion Packing for a vacation is a laborious task and the thought of hauling luggage around can be daunting. This season ditch the heavy weight baggage ...

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Hunting on Horseback  with Hounds- The New Indian Express

Express News Service Ever since I saw Dothraki screamers using bow from horseback, I nursed a desire to learn equestrian skills. Little did I know that I would get a chance in the Nilgiris. Even though I could not exploit the opportunity fully (due to a travelling job), riding in ...

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These six lifestyle habits can lead to breast cancer

make sure you are keeping a check on these habits that can lead to cancer Changing lifestyle habits, increasing work pressure and stress levels have left modern-day individuals with no time to pay heed to their health and one disease that seems to be emerging because of irregular lifestyle is ...

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Gorgeous George Town- The New Indian Express

Express News Service Port cities have a charm of their own. The hustle-bustle amidst the multicultural influences combines to offer a potpourri of sights, sounds and smells that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. George Town, the capital of the Malaysian state of Penang, is a UNESCO heritage city that stays true to ...

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Few must-haves for all your road trips

Do not forget to pack these essentials while you are going on a road trip Before you set out for the adventurous road trip on your holidays, it is imperative to carry certain things to make your life easier. A grooming kit, adequate liquids and insurance are the most important, suggest experts. ...

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The reincarnation chic in Tbilisi- The New Indian Express

Express News Service Tbilisi—the capital of Georgia, tucked between Russia and Turkey—is a patchwork of eclectic architectural styles, from art nouveau buildings to gothic and baroque churches and stark Soviet architecture. Though earthquake, invasions and Soviet occupation destroyed many of the city’s heritage buildings several times in the past, Old ...

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