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Visit Romania’s fading architectural gems before they are lost forever | travel

In a spa town nestled near Romania’s border with Bulgaria and Serbia, Oana Chirila puts on her hard hat and gets down to work with a dozen other young architects to try to save their country’s heritage. Some of the precious architectural gems they are striving to restore bore witness ...

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This upcoming James Bond museum in Austria is a must-visit for Bond fans | travel

On July 12, you can recite your favourite James Bond catchphrase while trekking 10,000 feet up Gaislachkogl Mountain in Soelden, Austria. On its snowy peak is 007 Elements, a first-of-its-kind, immersive James Bond museum. True Bond fans may recognize Soelden as the wintry backdrop from action sequences in the 24th ...

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Granada with the grandparents? – The Hindu

Halfway into the year, a lot is still being written about cross-generational or skip-gen travel. Said to be among the top travel trends for 2018, the concept of grandparents and grandchildren taking off without the intervening generation — parents — seems to have caught the fancy of many travellers abroad. ...

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Three spectacular man-made climbs enhance adventure-loving Australia’s appeal as a tourist destination

Three iconic cities Down Under offer guided tours from where to sight the landmarks and the incredible life below: SkyPoint Climb, Gold Coast The oval-shaped climb atop the towering Q1 Resort building, Queensland’s most recognised landmark, pumps your adrenaline to the hilt. The approach to the climb is through a ...

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Eat, pray, love in Mexico City

Puebla and Cholula Puebla, a two-hour drive from Mexico City, is the fourth-largest city in Mexico. It’s a picturesque drive. Stop en route at the outskirts of Cholula to view the two volcanoes — Popocatepetl and Iztaccíhuatl. As you drive down further, you reach the Great Pyramid of Cholula and ...

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With Father’s Day round the corner, a look at a father-son duo that travels the globe on rails

My son, Ishaan, and I both are lovers of rail travel, content to spend hours gazing out of the window, watching the landscape flash by. Air travel is instantaneous; you can enter the airplane in one country and exit in another. Road trips are unfair to the person driving (especially, ...

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Tadipatri temple tales are waiting to be heard- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service CHENNAI: Sculptures are like photographs from the past,” said historian Chithra Madhavan as she addressed the city’s heritage enthusiasts at Tattvaloka as part of her illustrated lecture on Vijayanagara architecture and sculptures in South India (temples of Tadipatri). Walking us through two ancient temples in Tadipatri ...

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Mumbai band Aankh Micholi tells you why Kashmir should be on your travel list

Mumbai’s Aankh Micholi that became the first non-Kashmiri band to perform in the Valley in recent times, tells us that the locals there are the best people ever, and why it should top your travel list Some of the band members saw snow for the first time in Gulmarg It’s ...

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Footsteps Beyond the Sand- The New Indian Express

Express News Service Karma for marine life watchers is seeing shoals of iridescent fish shivering through the currents, octopuses squirting black ink upon sensing human intrusion, jelly fish opening their colourful bouquets and sleek dolphins skimming the surface of the ocean to disappear again in a flash of dark silver. Narara, ...

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10 multi-purporse travel essentials you cannot do without

Here is a list of 10 travel essentials you simply cannot do without Are you planning a long distance travel or a long vacation? Confused what to take and how to pack all your belongings? Worry not, as experts like Shikhee Agrawal, (Head – Training, The Body Shop India) and, ...

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