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An abandoned terminal of the JFK Airport, New York, is all set to open this summer as the new TWA Hotel

If you’re travelling through New York after May 2019, you may want to consider a long stopover at the John F Kennedy (JFK) International Airport. And take a look at the unusual TWA (Trans World Airlines) Hotel, which will open at the once-abandoned TWA terminal. The hotel, done up in ...

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Forty participants drove for 28 days covering 10,000 kilometres across three countries to spread the message of unity, peace, communal harmony and road safety

Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals brought together businessmen, retired defence officers, homemakers and car enthusiasts from across the country for a tri-nation commemorative rally. “Most of us have read about Gandhijiin our history books, but by travelling to the places historically associated with him in India, Bangladesh and Myanmar, we saw how ...

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Travel: Bhutan in off-season | travel

There is only one traffic light in Bhutan. It is at the top of the main road in Thimphu, the country’s capital. A policeman in a tight uniform stands beneath it, guiding vehicles. The policeman stands there because when the traffic light was installed, people complained; they said the impersonal ...

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Weathering every storm – The Hindu

The six women sailors from the Indian Navy — Vartika Joshi, Pratibha Jamwal, P Swathi, S Vijaya Devi, Aishwarya Boddapatia and Payal Gupta — look smart in their crisp, white uniforms. They are in Bengaluru talking to college students and sharing tales of bravery from their 254-day circumnavigation of the ...

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A fourth-generation elephant keeper in Madurai has custom-built a truck for his elephants

Standing an impressive eight feet from the ground, 40-year-old Lakshmi sways her trunk and flaps her ears restlessly under the tin-roof shed. Next to her is 17-year-old Rupali, who seems calmer, going on with her routine of munching on some fresh grass. Kushma is out for a walk. Lakshmi raises ...

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Taking a trip with your pet? Consider a pit-stop to the vet first | travel

Should you travel with your pet? It’s a tough question to answer, even for vets. There are few good kennels in India where you can leave a pet behind in comfort and safety. It’s hard to find a pet-sitter you can trust. Many people travel with their animals because they ...

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Beat the heat at Singapore’s water park ‘Wild Wild Wet’

After a four-hour barotraumatic flight in a crammy cabin, setting foot in the warm yellow-glow of Singapore’s luminous Changi Airport comes as a breath of fresh air. As my cab pulls towards Downtown East in a serene Pasir Ris Close, whizzing past manicured meadows and spotless apartment blocks, the ‘high ...

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A ride through South Africa’s Kruger National Park

You’ve never been on a real wildlife safari unless you’ve been to one in Africa. Here, you can spot a lion a few metres in front of your vehicle, and a wild hyena at the back. It’s the place where all those visuals you see in National Geographic or Nat ...

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Grannies on an airplane – The Hindu

Recently, textile businessman M Ravi Kumar, made headlines when he took 120 people, most of them senior citizens, from his native village Devarayanpalayam near Tirupur, on a flight to Chennai. The 44-year-old wanted to give back to the village that defined him. The idea occurred to Ravi a few years ...

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Madrid: a treasure trove of history

As I drove from the Barajas Adolfo Suarez Airport to the city centre, the architectural marvels of ancient Madrid enthralled me as much as the blue sky. In Madrid, capital of Spain, the natives love their blue sky with fervour. I learnt that one of the favourite touristy things to ...

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