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Live like Heidi, on the Swiss mountains

You can now live out your Heidi-shaped dreams, high up in the Swiss mountains, where the air is fresh and views infinite. Switzerland Tourism offers 250 Swiss alpine huts for overnight stays to tourists. Claudio Zemp, Director of Switzerland Tourism, India, explains how this came about. He says, it was ...

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11 offbeat spaces across Switzerland offer a unique holiday experience through pop-up hotels

How often have you designed a holiday around a hotel? Never? Now, here’s reason to do just that. Making the most of the pop-up mania (from boutiques to gourmet stores) Switzerland Tourism introduces its new concept pop-up hotels, with a tagline that reads ‘Sleeping where no one has slept before’. ...

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Gaziantep is a true Turkish delight with its rolling green parks, restored buildings and forts and a thriving food scene

The first time I heard about Gaziantep was when the thought of driving around Turkey was ruminating in my mind. As usual there were people concerned about safety. As if to strengthen their case, the news came in that yet another bomb had gone off in Turkey, this time in ...

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Singapore Airlines tops SkyTrax world’s best airline list | travel

If you want to fly premium, the best route around the globe is via Singapore. Travellers voted Singapore Airlines the best carrier in the world, according to SkyTrax, which surveys more than 20 million fliers every year. It was also named the best in first-class. This is the fourth time ...

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Sigiriya, where natural beauty meets the architectural splendour

Sigiriya – the mansion in the sky – is an architectural marvel. The rocky citadel rises up like a majestic lion, ascending to a lofty height of nearly 200 metres from the surrounding plains. It has rightly been considered as the 8th wonder of the world by the Sri Lankans ...

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Experience the Lights Fest in Pennsylvania

At 4 pm, Kennett Square, a spotless green field, is dotted with people in colourful summer wear. There are young couples, noisy college kids, and families with toddlers and grandparents. The groups settle down next to Tiki torches sticking out of the soft grass. They mark their territories by spreading ...

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After a 12-year break, neelakurinji in a spectacular performance, carpets the hills with colour

The monsoons arrive in Kerala first. They début in June, with a dramatic show of sound and fury. By the end of July, as they begin to taper off, days get drier and evenings receive sporadic showers. Once in 12 years, along with this cycle of rain and shine, a ...

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Travel back in time to Fergana in Uzbekistan, the land of emperor Babur

“In the month of Ramadan of the year 899 (June 1494), and in the twelfth year of my age, I became ruler in the country of Farghana,” thus begins Babur’s memoir, Baburnama. Fergana in eastern Uzbekistan is a fertile valley fed by two rivers, Naryn and Kara Darya, and flanked ...

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Road Less Travelled: The marble cliffs of Bhedaghat and the roaring falls of Dhuandhar

“Do you see that gigantic face there? We call it India’s Mount Rushmore. And that sadhu on the top — he was in samadhi for so long that he turned into stone himself. And that is Bandar Kudni, the cliffs are so close here that a monkey can jump across ...

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You haven’t put on weight, it’s just that airline restrooms are getting smaller | travel

If the restroom on your next flight seems a bit snug, don’t assume you’ve picked up a few pounds. U.S. airlines increasingly are putting smaller lavatories on their planes – and the economics of the decision means they’re probably here to stay. As labour costs rise and fuel prices surge, ...

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