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When the hills call out

“I can look at a plant, and so can you. Even though both of us see the same thing, as a photographer, I look at it in terms of composition, framing and post production,” says the American photographer and documenter Ian Lockwood, pointing at one in an artificial pond at ...

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9 best restaurants you must visit in Bilbao, recommended by top chefs | travel

Bilbao isn’t the first city that trips off the tongue when you recommend international dining destinations. It’s only in the past 20 years or so that Bilbaohasbecome much of a tourist destination at all. Before the Guggenheim Museum opened in 1997, some peoplejust knew it as the airport where you ...

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Paris’ iconic Hotel Lutetia reopens after 200 million-euro makeover | travel

The Lutetia hotel in Paris, favoured by the likes of Picasso and Hemingway, reopens this week after four years of costly renovations that it hopes will win it the “palace” label reserved for the most opulent of French lodgings. Steeped in history, from its occupation by Nazi intelligence agents to ...

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Direct flight to Iceland from December, here are top 10 things to do in Reykjavik and around | travel

Iceland has it all, from volcanoes to ice caves, healing thermal springs and the Aurora Borealis lights. And if the thought of travelling halfway around the world and spending a fortune in the process put you off, now you have no more excuses. Come December 7, a direct budget flight ...

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Story-based walking tours come to Thiruvananthapuram

There is more to a city than its sights, sounds and flavours; there is its history, culture and its day-to-day life. And offering people glimpses of these, is Storytrails, a Chennai-based business venture on culture tourism that conducts story-based walks and short tours. Storytrails, which conducts trails in Chennai, Madurai ...

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How to become a responsible traveller | travel

Looking at the water scarcity scenario in Cape Town which led to restaurants and hotels opting for minimal-water wastage policies, or the water crisis situation in Shimla during the peak summer travel season, or recently when tourists were greeted with ‘Nainital full’ banners in state of Uttarakhand, one needs to ...

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With long-distance cycling becoming a subculture of sorts among the youth in town, Madurai is set to host its first international endurance cycling event

The light is falling fast as 25-year-old K R Baviithran races his road bike on a pothole-ridden stretch near Devakottai in interior Sivaganga district. Soon, heavy rain pounds his face and a menacingly howling wind takes him head on. He pedals on, his grip tight on the handle bar even ...

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A ramble through Yellowstone National Park

After a six-hour drive from Salt Lake City, Utah, we reach ‘Mountain Home’, a VRBO-rented mansion in Montana that’s a two-hour drive from Yellowstone National Park (YNP). Cut off from civilisation, all we see around is a smattering of similar-looking mansions within a hoola-hoop of snow-capped mountains. For the next ...

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Why Europe’s tourist hotspots are hitting back at Airbnb | travel

Facing competition from Airbnb, which will celebrate a decade this summer, top European attractions such as Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Barcelona are out to revamp their own offerings. The move is to keep rental prices in check, yet keep supply healthy as Airbnb continues to be a thorn in the ...

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Sharing a cab saves money, but check out the horrible shared cab riders you can ever get | travel

The recent incident of a woman assaulted and abused by a co-passenger in Mumbai has raised a lot of questions about the safety of shared cabs. While some said that it’s common to have such co-passengers, others are of the opinion that the matter is getting undue publicity. Whatever the ...

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