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Here’s why East Africa’s Rwanda should be on your bucket list | travel

We flew out to Rwanda, only to discover that it takes less time to get to the Rwandan capital Kigali than a drive from Mumbai to Ratnagiri. With a direct connection four times a week, more travellers are discovering the wonders of this tiny yet remarkable country in East Africa. ...

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Bhutan by road – The Hindu

Dancing festoons of prayer flags strung across mountains, grazing wild horses, gurgling streams, prayer wheels gently moving in the breeze, quaint bridges and villages out of a story book—the drive through Bhutan was a peep into another world, says Sumith David. The ‘wonderland’ Phuentsholing lay beyond a wall and a ...

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The hipster enclave in Brooklyn that you need to know about | travel

A twenty-minute cab ride across the Queensborough bridge from Manhattan, and I’m in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighbourhood, curious to see what the younger set is going on about. It’s October, fiercely cold and yet the brilliant sun feels like a billion-watt torchlight in my eyes. Rows of tall, handsome, terraced houses ...

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Secunderabad is rocking a new look with its new footpaths and well laid out roads

Next time you are in Secunderabad make sure to walk from where there used to be Anand Theatre upto St Ann’s High school. Until a few month back, these places were not fit for a safe or pleasant walk, nor even to wait for a bus, leave alone waiting there ...

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Explore: the theme parks of Malaysia

Sunway Lagoon What was once a tin mine has now been converted into one of Malaysia’s most exciting theme parks. The Sunway Lagoon is spread over 88 acres and offers nearly 90 attractions, including Asia’s biggest man-made erupting volcano that’s 75 feet tall and one of the largest water rides ...

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The War Memorial of Korea, Seoul, paints a poignant picture of the Korean War of 1950

A military copter mid-air, with its blade-slapping roar, welcomes me into the expansive War Memorial of Korea in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Towering in the background is a grand grey building. Along the way stands the Korean War Veterans Monument, which displays a list of countries, laurel wreaths, unit insignias and battles ...

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At the Nishiki food market in Kyto, tourists are often left pondering ‘to try or not to’

Nicknamed Kyoto’s kitchen, the iconic Nishiki market is spread over five blocks and has multiple entry points. A short 10-minute walk from Shijō Station, local residents and tourists flock to the covered shopping arcade for food and kitchenware needs. Nishiki began as a wholesale fish market. The first shop opened ...

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7 of the healthiest cities to live in across the world | travel

The United Nations General Assembly designated October 31 as World Cities Day to promote cooperation among countries in addressing challenges of urbanisation, and contributing to sustainable urban development around the world. There is no doubt that urbanisation has taken a heavy toll on city dwellers’ health. But some cities fare ...

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Santa Claus, Idiotville and Hot Coffee, strangest place names ever on World Cities Day | travel

A concrete jungle, a human zoo, a state of mind, a surrealistic place, a home, many have understood the idea of a city in so many ways. The definition varies from person to person but the heart of it always lies in the association we have with familiar surroundings, like ...

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Vampire state of mind: Halloween specials worldwide

“Zombie wanted.” “Auditioning for ghouls”. Announcements like these aren’t surprising any more. A few months before Halloween, amusement parks across the world start their witch hunt — in this case, looking for actors to play the role of vampires, demons or any character from the other world. The idea is ...

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