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Genuine Broaster Chicken offers a range of fried chicken in Visakhapatnam

Genuine Broaster Chicken offers a range of fried chicken in Visakhapatnam

A new addition in the city for fried chicken lovers is Genuine Broaster Chicken (GBC).

While it is only a month old in Visakhapatnam, GBC dates back to 1954 when L A M Phelan, an American businessman and inventor, combined parts of a deep fryer and a pressure cooker to cook chicken faster. In the last few years, it has opened more than 90 franchises in India.

The interior is reminiscent of a typical American diner with shades of a fastfood restaurant. The lighting is mellow and the artwork is retro.

While the menu offers plenty as multi-cuisine restaurants usually do, I decide to stick with fried chicken. They serve four different types of fried chicken and six types of chicken wings. They are all accompanied by sweet chilli and cheesy jalapeño dips.

@Genuine Broaster Chicken, Siripuram

  • Hits Legendary broaster wings, hot masala chicken
  • Misses Wings, Palang tod
  • Cost ₹200 onwards
  • 7799911305
  • The store uses disposable glasses and straws made of plastic. However, it uses wooden spoons and paperbox for takeaways

The first to arrive is the spicy broaster leg. A word of caution here. Before you bite into it, remember that it is piping hot. Unlike what its name suggests it is not spicy at all. By the time I am done with the leg piece, another hot offering arrives. It is the masala chicken. These are boneless and crispy chicken thighs. The distinct peppery crust is irresistible. I eat three pieces on the trot.

I need something to drink and so I order the intriguingly named palang tod. It’s basically Redbull mixed with an espresso shot. It is too bitter for my liking so I go back to chulbul soda, a simple combination of a cola drink with a pinch of chat masala.

In the meanwhile, the hot wings platter has been put down in front of me. These are soaked with sauce and as a result they aren’t crispy at all. They have a range of sauces such as the kung pao, kasundi mustard, smoked barbecue and mushrooms besides curried barbecue, butter garlic and narangi siracha. I found most of them too sweet but enjoy the kasundi mustard and butter garlic the best. The last to arrive is the legendary broaster wings and happy stripes, a type of boneless fried chicken. Those who like boneless chicken will enjoy the dish, but the crust is a bit lacklustre. The thin-skinned wings however are very juicy and easy to chew.

I am not yet done with my deep fried meal and decide to end with some more deepfried goodies. I order chocolate samosa with mango ice cream and fried oreos with vanilla ice cream. The samosas are filled with chocolate, but sadly over floury and under-fried. The fried oreos on the other hand are satisfyingly crunchy.

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