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Health Benefits Of Moorchha Pranayama 

Moorchha Pranayama

Moorchha‘ means ‘fainting’ or ‘swooning breath’ in which the breath is inhaled slowly and retained for an extended period. Moorcha or Murcha as it is commonly known means fainting in Sanskrit. Pranayama involves a full and prolonged pause with the chin locked near the thyroid gland. This position is maintained by the practitioner, until he reaches the state of near fainting. This pranayama is only practiced by people who are well advanced in all other branches of pranayama. People who succeed in completing this exercise experience prolonged, relaxed euphoria and semi-conscious fainting.


Moorchha Pranayama Sequenc

  • Sit as usual in a comfortable position with the head, neck and spine straight.
  • Concentrate the conscious mina between the eyebrows, which is called the centre of intuition.
  • inhale gradual and deeply through the mouth.
  • Let the conscious mind merge into the centre of intuition.
  • Touch the chin tigthly to the throa., cavity (uguiar notch).
  • Relax the jalandhar bandha. 7, Then exha’e s owl
  • This creates a favourable experience, so it is called Moorccha Pranayama
  • Begin with nine times and increase with time up to fifteen minutes.

Health Benefits Of Moorchha Pranayama

  • This exercise promotes happiness of mind, achievement of bliss and removes  lustiness.
  • It helps the mind to draw inwards.
  • Body fats are removed.
  • Headache and weakness of muscles are cured

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