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How to celebrate Diwali with your pets | more lifestyle

How to celebrate Diwali with your pets | more lifestyle

Diwali is a time for celebration, a time when the family gets together, dresses up in traditional wear and enjoys good food and good company. And, when pets are such an important part of most families, why should they be left behind? If you’re a pet parent, and want your pooch to be part of the celebrations with you, there’s good news! City shops have come up with great recipes so your furry friends can enjoy Diwali sweets, too, and what’s more, they can even dress up in a sherwani that matches your own.

“We have sherwanis, tuxedos and more for dogs which are created keeping in mind that they do not restrict the dog’s movement. This way they can be part of the celebrations at home without being uncomfortable. Our treats too are gluten-free (since dogs have gluten allergies) and are made with fresh human grade ingredients which have no preservatives or ingredients that would make them last too long on the shelf,” says Rashi Narang of Heads Up For Tails. “We have crafted diya shaped treats for the dogs and will also have special ladoos for them. We have set up an innovation lab that makes sure that these treats are always made with the best, so your dog can have the best.”

Since gifting is a big thing during this festive season, there are shops that are doing gift packs too. “We have collaborated with PoochMate and have created gift packs that will have a bowtie, three types of jerky treats, an ear muff so that the noise of crakers doesn’t disturb them, and a lavender scented oil that can be used to calm the dogs down when they’re anxious because of the crackers,” says Rashi Shah, Doggy Dabbas. And, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t something for strays too! Shweta Rohilla, a member of DoggoDuty says, “We will be going around town clothing strays in upcycled jackets that have festive motifs on them, and will also be feeding them peanut butter and oats ladoos made specially for Diwali. Our shelter will also serve as home for these strays on the day of Diwali so that they have nothing to fear.”

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First Published: Nov 07, 2018 11:24 IST

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