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How you can flaunt your vintage finds with a modern twist | brunch | feature

How you can flaunt your vintage finds with a modern twist | brunch | feature

Elements of vintage have always found a way to revolutionise Indian fashion. But has it ever left modern aesthetics? “No, it never really has,” says veteran designer Anju Modi. “What constitutes as vintage is early 19th century, and the influences are still visible not only in the form of patterns and motifs, but also the fabrics we’re creating,” she says. So are vintage elements still relevant in modern silhouettes? “Of course! Trends come and go, but classics are always relevant. We are a culture and craft-rich country, after all,” she adds.

1. Flirt with polka dots

Slow down today’s fast fashion in an asymmetrical dress in polka!

Dress, Lovebirds; scarf, Eka; footwear, Rahul Mishra X Oceedee
(Dolly Devi)

The vintage side: “The scarf brings a vintage touch to the look,” says fashion designer Pallavi Mohan.

The modern side:“The silhouette is one of Fall 2018’s biggest ideas – like a decidedly arty tent-dress in a wild and loud pattern,” she says.

Wear it to: “A girly brunch or for a day out shopping,” she suggests.

Must remember: “Not to over accessorise it, as the outfit is already bold and loud,” she says.

2. Perk up your mood with sleek chic

Bring in a retro vibe with a sleek hairdo and smart trousers

Shirt and trousers, Vineet Rahul
(Dolly Devi)

The vintage side: “The muted yet large graphic print stands out as the vintage-inspired style while the retro hairdo amplifies the mood,” says celebrity stylist Rishi Raj.

The modern side: “The shortened pant length is relatively modern,” he says.

Wear it to: “Any place but a black-tie event!” suggests Rishi.

Must remember: “If you have a tropical forest on your chest, avoid this neckline!” he cautions.

3. Show off some old-world charm

Pair comfort and style with this ensemble in a soft colour palette

Dress and coat, Péro; footwear, Eka; brooch, Roma Narsinghani
(Dolly Devi)

The vintage side: “The outfit overall has a vintage feel but the shoes are the true vintage element of the look,” says Rishi Raj.

The modern side: “The blazer is a modern slouchy boyfriend version of a Victorian maid’s jacket,” he suggests.

Wear it to: “A winter brunch or an evening recital,” says Rishi.

Must remember: “To avoid wearing very boxy silhouettes with these shoes as they can create unflattering proportions,” he suggests.

4. Fusion for the working millennial

Walk into office in a transitional fusion of eras apart!

The vintage side: “The slicked-back hair and the jacket adds the vintage element to the look put together,” says Kriti Tula, creative founder of fashion brand Doodlage.

The modern side: “The inside layer of trousers with the jacket adds a hip modern vibe,” she says.

Wear it to: “A casual Friday evening do or an informal festive gathering,” Kriti suggests.

Must remember: “To keep the accessories simple. Plus, single-hued shoes and a nice watch would work well with this look,” she says.

(On Ransher): Shirt, trousers and waistcoat, Péro; shoes, model’s own; (On Yashvika): Separates and scarf, Eka; footwear, Rahul Mishra X Oceedee
(Dolly Devi)

5. Nostalgia with a modern twist

Relive the good ol’ days in matching plaids

The vintage side: “The length of the outfit, the subtle make-up and the contrasting scarf adds a vintage vibe to the look,” says Kriti.

The modern side: “The asymmetric print, drop shoulders and a coordinate pantsuit is the modern twist to this look,” she says.

Wear it to: “An easy day at work or a casual gathering,” recommends Kriti.

Must remember: “To choose the contrasting scarf with care and select subtle accessories,” she says.

6. Revisit the classics

The best throwback to the vintage era in a classic cut and hairdo!

Dress, Atsu; footwear, Oceedee; earrings, Roma Narsinghani
(Dolly Devi)

The vintage side: “The most vintage element of this look is the hairdo. It enhances the fusion dress,” says fashion designer Amy Billimoria.

The modern side: “The flow and the cut of this dress add modernity to the look,” she explains.

Wear it to: “A formal evening or a red carpet event as it is a gown,” she suggests.

Must remember: “Not to do all elements of vintage together. Keep the make-up clean, wear a Victorian brooch and let the hairdo stand out,” she suggests.

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From HT Brunch, November 4, 2018

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