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Mir Sabbir looks to direct films

Mir Sabbir looks to direct films

Prominent artiste Mir Sabbir is set to star in, write and direct the tele-fictions, Mukul College and Madam. The shooting of the latter will begin on February 14.

This month, he will also begin working on Motlob, a television serial where he plays the role of the protagonist. It is directed by Nazmul Rony.

On the other hand, the Mir Sabbir-directed mega serial, Noashal, recently televised its 808th episode. “We will continue making the serial to the best of our abilities as long as the audience is interested to watch it,” says Sabbir, who is also a part of the cast. He also plays key roles in multiple television serials that are currently being aired.

Known for his riveting performances on screen, Mir Sabbir has been in the entertainment industry for over fifteen years. After acting and directing for television for so many years, the actor now hopes to helm films. “I am preparing myself for films at the moment, as it has been a long-term goal of mine to direct films. I hope the audience will appreciate my work,” he says.

In addition, Sabbir is preparing for a seven-episode tele-fiction directed by Adibaashi Mizan, alongside a number of Eid tele-fictions.

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