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Review of Resign Sky bar

Review of Resign Sky bar

On the fifth floor that offers a bird’s eye view of a part of the Hitec city, you submit yourself to the view, then to the interiors. Finally you submit yourself to the food and drinks. This good kind of resignation is the reason why Resign Sky Bar should be visited.

Resign is bang opposite IKEA building, so locating is no big task. For more of a precise location, one can observe that it’s opposite Raheja Mindspace.

Let the mind reign at Resign

If you love taking your own photographs, then every corner ,with its floor to ceiling wooden doors is ideal. Keeping in mind the potential for diners to view the outside, the seating is arranged with really tall chairs and if you are short, there is no better way to get down besides jumping.

This sky bar has a rooftop seating arrangement which will be ideal to hangout during the evening. No tall chairs here, thankfully.

Resign is a resto-bar, so the food is a little mix of everything which jive well if one decides to go all out on ordering cocktails. Before the cocktails reach your table, make the most of the daylight to take some photos, get a bird’s eye view of the ever busy area. Since it isn’t too hot, I chose a hot toddy. It came a tad strong, but I didn’t complain, since I was nursing a cold. The staff is courteous and aren’t the nosey type once you have placed the order.

Meat-lovers’ paradise

Let the mind reign at Resign

Since I was in the mood to go all non-veg, I ordered a few random bar-snacky starters. For some reason the ghee-roast chicken is doing good in all the places that has it listed on the menu. At Resign, this dish is delectable. What can be better than a melt in the mouth spicy piece of chicken served with no-regret helping of ghee over a flaky paratha.

After finishing the chicken pieces getting to the paratha that has soaked in a lot of the ghee and spices from the chicken is icing on the cake.

Then came a platter of prawns. Done well and seasoned to perfection, the drizzle of sauce over it left no room for complaints. Once the food comes, it gets undivided attention here. The salsa and sides that come with the starters are not to be dismissed as mere addition to fill the plate for a complete look. They come with a purpose, loaded with mind-boggling flavours.

Let the mind reign at Resign

Those looking to have a spoon of biryani and curd rice will probably have to skip this place. Here the food is all about modern dining and stylish twist. I ordered a chicken steak that came with a side of mashed potatoes and poached vegetables. For this dish, you will want to polish off the vegetables as well.

I also tried and loved the meal of khichdi teamed with kheema; it is wholesome, gives the satisfaction of having an Indian meal and will make you want to lick the bowl. Some dishes come with a side of coconut sticky rice — you must go for it.

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