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Shazam’s Chinese trailer pokes fun at Batman v Superman

Shazam’s Chinese trailer pokes fun at Batman v Superman

shazam chinese trailer
Shazam releases on April 5.

Warner Bros has released a Chinese-exclusive trailer for its upcoming DC superhero film Shazam. China has become a crucial market for Hollywood in general and WB in specific. Its last DC film Aquaman was given a headstart in the market and the move made sure the film became the first billion-dollar film in the DCEU.

Shazam stars Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer and Mark Strong in lead roles. Asher Angel plays the role of Billy Batson, an orphan kid who gets chosen as the champion of an ancient wizard called Shazam, who gives him his powers.

These powers allow him to transform into a kind of a perfect costumed adult with invulnerability, super-speed, flying and electrical powers. Levi plays the role of the superhero.

The Chinese trailer is hilarious. While it features most of the shots from the second trailer released for the worldwide audience, it has a couple scenes that add to the fun. The clip signals that Shazam is seriously going to rip apart superhero film tropes.

For instance, there is a scene which looks like the titanic fight between Shazam and the film’s villain, Dr Thaddeus Sivana (Strong).

A kid is shown staging a fight between Batman and Superman action figures, when he suddenly spots Shazam and Sivana squaring off against each other in the sky in the window before him. Sivana and Shazam are hanging in the air, faces grim, ready to face each other. Then suddenly Sivana begins giving a speech that seems like faint murmurs to Shazam due to the distance between them.

“Are you making some biggie evil guy’s speech right now or something? You’re like a mile away from me. All I see is mouth moving,” Shazam says while making gestures with his hands to indicate the lips’ movement.

Shazam releases on April 5.

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