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Heritage High | Lifestyle News, The Indian Express

One of the screenings at INTACH Filmit Film Festival (Written by Amer Khosla) THE excitement was palpable as students from 10 schools in and around the tricity got together at St Kabir Public School for the INTACH Filmit Film Festival 2019-20, to celebrate their own efforts in creating short films ...

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Civil lines | Lifestyle News, The Indian Express

Not Just A Civil Servant book cover NOT JUST A CIVIL SERVANT Anil Swarup Unicorn Books 200 pages` 499 If not in ideology, at least in proximity, bureaucrats are the category of individuals closest to the power centres in the government. So when a recently-retired top bureaucrat decides to pen ...

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The invisible man | Lifestyle News, The Indian Express

Keeping the citizenry in line: People queue up outside a bank, following demonetisation (Express Photo: Gajendra Yadav) EVERY ELECTION SEASON expectedly brings its share of books dwelling on the past, the current state and the future of India’s democracy. Citizen Raj is Surjit Bhalla’s contribution to the discussion, one that ...

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Once Upon a Time | Lifestyle News, The Indian Express

A story session in progress. “…The thrill of adventure once again triumphed love. Tarapada once again was off to a new journey.” The picturesque setting of Inscape Co-Work was filled with applause as Erica Taraporevala finished her narration. Rabindranath Tagore’s Atithi and its retelling by Erica won over everyone’s heart ...

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Golden hour | Lifestyle News, The Indian Express

A model dressed in one of their Gyaser brocade saris FOR Kolkata-based Swati Agarwal and Sunaina Jalan, the sari has always been more than just a six-yard sartorial statement. They’ve variously called their handloom explorations a labour of love, a passion project, even an academic obsession. Since the sisters-in-law officially ...

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The battle of life | Lifestyle News, The Indian Express

Actors rehearsing for A Tale of Two Cities in Delhi When veteran director Feisal Alkazi was putting together his new two-hour long musical, A Tale of Two Cities, an adaptation of Charles Dickens’ famous 1859 novel, he couldn’t help but draw parallels with Sarat Chandra Chatterjee’s Devdas. He was touching ...

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Go on, express yourself – The Hindu

Go on, express yourself - The Hindu

Golden tresses, a shimmery white dress, stilettos and a tiara for the queen. Kushboo was certainly dressed for the occasion as they welcomed the gathering for the ‘T-party’ held at Shoonya recently. Addressing the crowd of around 50, Kushboo says, “I started performing drag at home with a torn bedsheet ...

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About a Boy | Lifestyle News, The Indian Express

Raj Kumari and Varun Grover A 12-year-old boy has to leave a familiar world — his village, family and friends — behind and move to a new village to attend a missionary boarding school. It is here that he makes new friends, finds seniors and teachers who guide him, and ...

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More than Just Coffee | Lifestyle News, The Indian Express

Ethiopian coffee served with popcorn In Ethiopia, coffee isn’t a mere beverage but a celebration, and much like chai in India, it is a community activity. But as opposed to a refreshment, Ethiopians have their coffee along with, and often, after meals, too. But we rarely look beyond the coffee ...

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In His Sanctuary | Lifestyle News, The Indian Express

Bittu Sahgal (Express photo by Nirmal Harindran) AS THE bonfire crackled at Jogi Mahal, a fort located in the heart of Ranthambhore National Park in Rajasthan, Bittu Sahgal found a cause to chase down. “This was way back in 1980 when I was there for a tiger safari and was ...

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