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Bigg Boss 2 Tamil, episode 15: Kamal Haasan launches Vishwaroopam 2 audio, Mamathi evicted | tv

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil, episode 15: Kamal Haasan and Shruti Haasan sing Naanagiya for the audience.

Kamal Haasan begins the Bigg Boss Tamil episode on Sunday by introducing the music composer of his upcoming film Vishwaroopam 2, Ghibran. He then welcomes the contestants through the plasma screen to hear the songs of his upcoming film. Kamal Haasan performs the song, Naanagiya, live with his daughter Shruti ...

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Bigg Boss 2 Tamil, episode 14: Kamal Haasan tells Balaji sternly that abusing is not okay | tv

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil, episode 14: Kamal Haasan asks contestants why they are being fake in the show.

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil weekend episode begins with Kamal Haasan speaking about disobeying rules in general and then connects it to the events that occurred in the house in the previous week. We then see a recap of everything that happened in the week that passed by. The audience then ...

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Kamal Haasan’s Bigg Boss 2 Tamil TRP ratings are impressive | tv

According to BARC, 3.7 crore people tuned into Bigg Boss 2 Tamil.

The ratings of Kamal Haasan’s show Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 have been released by BARC, and it looks like the makers have managed another hit. The new season has fared better than the first one. 3.7 crore people tuned in to watch the show. The makers released the comparative ...

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Bigg Boss 2 Tamil, episode 8: Kamal Haasan’s revelation and a missing sandwich | tv

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil, episode 8: Kamal Haasan tells the housemates that there will be no eviction this week.

After onions, the Bigg Boss Tamil house contestants are now divided over the missing sandwiches. Mumtaz and the cooking team prepared chilli cheese sandwiches for the housemates – 16 portions – out of which two went missing. Mumtaz is upset because the person who had the sandwiches did not inform ...

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Bigg Boss 2 Tamil, episode 7: Kamal Haasan wonders if Nithya is being targetted, Sharik confesses his feelings to Aishwarya | tv

Kamal Haasan pulled up all the contestants for being needlessly diplomatic.

Kamal Haasan begins the first weekend episode by comparing the depression that people were under when Thomas Alva Edison had initially discovered the light bulb, to being in the Bigg Boss 2 Tamil house where there is no way the contestants are able to keep a track of time. He ...

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Bigg Boss 2 Tamil episode 1: Oviya returns as Kamal Haasan introduces contestants | tv

Kamal Haasan welcomes Oviya as a guest on Bigg Boss 2 Tamil.

Kamal Haasan returned to the Bigg Boss Tamil stage amid roaring response from the audience. The actor-turned-politician thanked his followers and stated that they were his strength. He then took the viewers on a tour of the Bigg Boss 2 Tamil house and pointed out the changes that have taken ...

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Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 promo 2: Who is the good guy, asks Kamal Haasan | tv

Kamal Haasan is back the host of Bigg Boss Tamil season 2.

The second promo of Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 is out and it gives us yet another glimpse into what the makers have in store for us. Kamal Haasan, who played the host for the first season as well, is at the helm of affairs again. In the video, Kamal ...

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