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the paya song - The Hindu

the paya song – The Hindu

A company put up a condition for a job: whoever uses the least words to take permission to get in will get the job.

A smart young man: kya main andar aa sakta hoo?


Another person: May I come in?


Hyderabadi comes and says: Ghusu?

He got selected.

This was the joke cracked by comedian Syed Shabuddin to explain his line of humour. Shabuddin’s humour is centred around people of Hyderabad, their boli and the Hyderabadi andaaz. Ever since he entered the Great Indian Laughter challenge in 2005 with this for his USP, he hasn’t stopped touring and making people laugh. The winner of Laughter Challenge brought back to limelight a qawwali that he and his team had written way back in 2001. If you are a social media junkie, you would have seen a spoof titled Hyderabadi Paya.

They modified the original lyrics ‘main sharabi sharabi’ of famous Pakistani qawwal Aziz Miya to celebrate their US visa stamping in 2001. “Visa aya, aya was the song we sang on our way back from Chennai after getting our visa. Johnny lever sahab was also with us on that trip. Continuing our celebration we came back to the city to treat Johnny Lever to some lip-smacking Hyderabadi food. As we sat down to eat, Johnny Lever couldn’t help notice bowls and bowls of nahari being served on the adjacent tables. He asked: kya hain yeh miya, and in the continued excitement we sang yeh hai paya, paya. That is how this song was created. By fluke,” says Shabuddin.

After that Shabuddin and his team has been performing that song non-stop on request at shows nationally and internationally.

Shabuddin then went on to modify the song by including Bill Clinton’s visit to India. “We sang that when we went to US to perform. It was well appreciated. After that I entered Great Indian Laughter Challenge as well in 2005. As I kept performing, the programme director requested us to imitate the paya song not knowing that I was the one who originally sang it,” laughs Shabuddin.

Since then many spoofs have been done on the song and each time the song resurfaces, shares and views on social media go viral.

The same happened this weekend with a new post on the song where a group of boys did a spoof of a Qawwali session and Shabuddin is happy singing Paya paya… all over again.

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