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Tip top snack - The Hindu

Tip top snack – The Hindu

Samosas are usually recognised as a North Indian dish. But it’s a popular snack across the nation. Each region has it’s own samosa king. For instance, corn samosa is very popular in Visakhapatnam while in Hyderabad, keema samosa is the popular choice.

This deep fried snack can be made with any filling but its diversity hasn’t been tested. It’s a rare thing to find a place which serves more than one type of samosas. But city-based Mr Samosa is here to change just that! They offer more than 10 types of samosas and plan to add more varieties.

The idea to sell different kinds of samosas was conceived by Koripalli Madhukrishna. After two years of planning and market research, he launched Mr Samosa last year year in November in collaboration with three of his friends. Currently, there are seven outlets in the city which sell about 5,000 samosas each day.

Koripalli says, “There is a brand for everything; we want to be the brand associated with samosas in India.” Few weeks ago they supplied 50,000 samosas at Andhra University during an official programme of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu.

Each outlet offers eight types of samosas on a daily basis — chatpata aloo, onion, sweet corn, paneer, noodle, egg, chicken and mutton keema. While all samosas look similar, each one of them has a unique taste. The noodle, egg and mutton keema samosas stand out of the lot. However, if you like the traditional samosa, chatpata aloo will not let you down. The price of a samosa ranges from ₹6 to ₹20. Onion samosa is the most pocket-friendly and a mutton keema costs the most.

Sundhu Nalla, a customer says, “It’s great to have so many varieties of samosas. Moreover, such innovations give a unique identity to the city.” Her favourite is chicken samosa.

The other special varieties of samosas available on request like — baby corn, mixed vegetable, rajma, mushroom and kalakand. Koripalli makes the special samosas only when he gets a minimum of 50 orders. The chain is planning to come up with more varieties like chocolate, fish, prawn and ice cream samosas.

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