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‘Tis the Season - The Hindu

‘Tis the Season – The Hindu

If you are bride to be, it’s worth your while to visit a wedding show. Fret not, if you missed the DLF Emporio Couture Weddings and the one-on-one sessions with the stylists, Aki Narula, Mohit Rai and Ami Patel. We have the latest from them on the season’s wedding trends.

Colours are bold

Soft hues and pastels have had their moment. It’s time for colours that reflect traditional Indian heritage. As Narula puts it, “Be bold. Choose deep jewel tones and Banarasi colors like bright yellows, warm greens, plush purples, vibrant blues and deep reds.” The easiest way to do this: incorporate one piece from traditional Indian weaves like Kanjeevaram, Tanchoi, Chanderi, Banarasi.

‘Tis the Season

Lehengas are lighter

Compromising on comfort is a thing of the past. Stylists agree that the days of many-kilo garments are gone. “Brides want the embroidery and the glamour, but without feeling weighed down,” says Patel. So look for outfits in lighter fabrics with stunning embroidery. If you are opting for traditional zari and tar work then choose a lighter design. One way to shed the weight is opting for a separate can can skirt that can be removed after the formal ceremony is completed, suggests Narula.

Less is more

“There is a shift in perception where brides no longer want to be overshadowed by their outfit, jewellery and makeup. They are asking for jewellery that doesn’t cut into their skin and make up that is natural looking,” says Rai. Light makeup that lets the skin breathe and highlighting one feature at a time is big this season. Choose a single statement piece of jewellery rather than an entire set of maang tika, necklace and earrings. Dare to mix it up. “Jewellery sets that match aren’t practical any more. It is better to invest in individual pieces that you will be able to use often later,” suggests Narula.

Nudes make an entry

There is acceptance of white, believes Rai. “People are choosing white-themed décor. You’ll even find that grooms are comfortable wearing it,” he adds. With designers embracing whites and beiges, couture and bridal wear in nude palates is not hard to find.

The body is for showing

Designers like Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi have changed the game with outfits that flatter necklines and cuts for the Indian body type. In contrast to the past, brides are embracing deeper necklines and stringy blouses.

Grooms go bridal

Grooms are embracing vibrant colours. Don’t be surprised to see them in floral prints this season. It is trendy to matching the outfit to the bride or at least include one aspect from her outfit in the groom’s attire.

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