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Where you do feel most at home? Not your home, says IKEA Report

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi |

Published: October 9, 2018 2:16:33 pm

IKEA's fifth annual Life at Home Report, life at home report, people not the most comfortable at home, cpommunity spaces, enlarged living spaces, spaces, living space, indian express, indian express news IKEA’s 2018 Life at Home Report has some interesting findings. (Source: File Photo)

Gaius Plinius Secundus, a Roman philosopher better known as Pliny the Elder, once said, “Home is where the heart is”. Almost two thousand years later, it turns out IKEA’s fifth annual Life at Home Report is all set to add weight to the time-worn phrase by substantiating it with stats and facts.

“In the past two years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of people who say they feel more at home in places other than the space they live in,” the report stated. Keeping in tune with their findings, the 2018 results revealed that 35 per cent of people feel more at home outside of where they actually reside, and this figure has risen sharply in urban areas.

Is the idea of a living space expanding?

Confirming that a lot of people don’t feel at home in their own homes, the report stated, “For a large number of people, home just doesn’t feel like home anymore. We discovered a new behaviour, where people use a network of spaces and places, both within and beyond the four walls, as part of their homemaking experience,” Macro Insights Leader at IKEA Group Maria Jonsson said in a press release. “We believe that this expanded notion of life at home gives people more opportunities to create the feeling of home, no matter where or how they live.”

So, if not their homes, where do people feel most comfortable in?

According to IKEA, 64 per cent of people around the world said they would prefer living in small houses in a great location to living in large residences in an ideal area less suited.

The study found that 44 per cent of people who reported feeling relaxed, content, and joyful in their homes see their neighbourhoods and communities as an extension of their homes, and 47 per cent noted that they seek out their communities for personal-growth opportunities.

“With home activities shifting between locations, it’s clear that our neighborhoods and communities play an increasingly important role in our homemaking experiences. In some instances, they can provide us with more opportunities to create a better life at home than the space we live in,” the study explained.


What defines the feeling of comfort at home?

IKEA noted that there are five emotional needs that contribute to the feeling of home; “security – feeling safe and grounded, belonging – feeling like you’re welcome and accepted in your community, comfort – being content and at ease in your surroundings, privacy – feeling in control of how you disconnect and reflect, and ownership – which isn’t necessarily about owning your home but rather having a sense of control over your living space.”

Be it a coffee shop you go to read your favourite book in or a neighbourhood you like to spend your after work hours in, it looks like Gaius Plinius Secundus was right. Home really is where the heart is.

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