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World Siblings Day: Taapsee Pannu and her sister Shagun are like Tom and Jerry | sex and relationships

World Siblings Day: Taapsee Pannu and her sister Shagun are like Tom and Jerry | sex and relationships

Actor Taapsee Pannu and her younger sister Shagun are the quintessential sister duo. They fight and hurt each other (quite literally!), get into arguments often, but can’t live without either. On the occasion of World Siblings Day today, we got in touch with them, and they were more than ready to spill the beans about each other!

Taapsee reveals that she made it a point that her sister be with her, whichever city she decided to settle in for work. “We are partners in all decisions, and stick by each other. We used to stay with our parents in Delhi, and now we are together in Mumbai. She was my partner when I left from Delhi, and went to Hyderabad, and then to Mumbai. We are always on the same page about everything. Shagun is currently running the wedding planning company, which I had started with a very close friend. It’s her baby (now).”

Shagun agrees. “I got a job in Hyderabad, and then when she shifted to Mumbai, we started the wedding planning thing. She was always sure she wants me around, and is the protective big sister. It’s getting worse every year!,” she jokes.


While they continue to argue and fight verbally, the physical fights that Taapsee and Shagun used to have stopped after an unfortunate incident. Taapsee reveals, “I remember that day. We fought physically with each other too. We were fighting over a desktop game once that was new in the house. We both wanted to play. I, being the elder one, wanted to play first. Shagun was annoying, saying she wants to play. We got into a fight, and I banged her head on the desktop table. The moment I did that, I realised something was really wrong. I hugged her immediately, without even seeing what must have happened to her. I could feel she was in pain. There was a huge cut on her eyebrow. The shirt I was wearing was full of blood. I froze seeing that, and was in that spot until she didn’t return after getting the wound stitched.”

But despite that, Taapsee has this big-hearted side to her. Shagun says, “Even in school, if other people would fight with me, Taapsee would make sure she fought with them the same way she would fight with me. She was always telling everyone ‘Nobody can take panga with my sister’. Once, there was an annual race in our school, and she had been preparing for it the whole year. We were going back home there days before the race. I was participating in drill for small kids. There was this big ball I would carry to the school everyday. I dropped it from the auto we were travelling in, and started crying ‘I won’t be able to participate’. She rushed on the road to get it. In the process, she hurt herself on the knee, and couldn’t win the race.”


One would think people forget such incidents when they grow up, but according to Shagun, Taapsee’s a ‘sore loser’! “I heard her talking about it to someone recently, saying she lost the race because of me. She’s like that. If she doesn’t win, she gets angry with herself!”

Taapsee, on the other hand, still feels that Shagun has had a big hand in keeping her grounded. “We do end up arguing over a lot of things, but Shagun’s my reality check in life. Whenever I feel I am on top of the world, she’s the ones who gives me a check,” Taapsee signs off.

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First Published:
Apr 10, 2019 17:35 IST

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